The 3.2 km Northern Loop (already operational) and the next phase Southern Loop (2021) combined will provide a unique and challenging 7.4 km track profile. Racing champions consider the already existing 3.2 km Northern Loop as one of the most exciting and challenging circuit profiles in the world.

In the next phase, a green business campus and an eco-resort are planned for the track and other clientele.

Gotland Ring banprofil


A Curve 1: Nordkalk
B Curve 2: KummiKumpu
C Curve 3: Tjelvarkurvan
D Curve 4: Havsörnen
E Straight: Skogsrakan
F Curve 5: Windpower
G Curve 6: Flying Finn-Swede
H Curve 7: Senna S
I Straight: Grytrakan
J Curve 8: Cementa Bowl
K Curve 9: Fangio Apex
L Straight: Raukrakan
M Curve 10: Altarkarusellen
N Curve 11: Tangentrakan
O Curve 12: Smooth Corner
P Curve 13: Blind Sky S
Q Straight: Gutamålrakan