Track profile

The 3.2 km Northern Loop (already operational) and the next phase Southern Loop combined will provide a unique 7.4 km Grand Prix/test circuit profile. After 2014, a multipurpose track network totaling approx. 28 km with six(6) separate grand loops – including a Smart Energy Road and Traffic System with wireless inductive charging for EVs – will be possible to install. Racing champions consider the already existing 3.2 km Northern Loop as one of the most exciting and challenging circuit profiles in the world.

Gotland Ring banprofil


A Curve 1: Nordkalk
B Curve 2: KummiKumpu
C Curve 3: Tjelvar Bend
D Curve 4: Eagle Hairpin
E Straight: Forest Straight
F Curve 5: Windpower
G Curve 6: Flying 90
H Curve 7: Senna S
I Straight: Grytrakan
J Curve 8: Cementa Bowl
K Curve 9: Fangio Apex
L Straight: Raukrakan
M Curve 10: Altarkarusellen
N Curve 11: Tangent Straight
O Curve 12: Smooth Corner
P Curve 13: Blind Sky S
Q Straight: Gutamålrakan