Ecology – for our future


Eco Driving – how to minimise fuel consumption and environmental impact, how to contribute towards sustainable development.

Sustainable development, traffic safety, and fuel costs are all significant global social and political issues. Through an active corporate policy, your Company can increase its social input and simultaneously reap the benefits by improving its image and creating savings.

A safe, swift and proactive driving style – developed by Gotland Ring head instructors – create major savings in fuel, technical, leasing, and social costs. Our clientele can reap the benefits of our courses with a guaranteed steep learning curve for all levels of drivers.

There are various simple ways to contribute towards a combination of sustainable development and safety. Unfortunately, motorists regularly neglect, for example, their tyres, leading to enormous individual and social costs. Various surveys and test show that the incidence of under-inflation is alarmingly high, with 44% of cars having at least one tyre at low pressure level. In addition to these motorists, a further 50% of drivers have some degree of under-inflation [test and survey information provided by Bridgestone]. Projected on a European basis of approximately 200 million cars, this means that more than 8.5 billion litres of additional petrol and diesel costing over €10 billion are being consumed due to under-inflation, resulting in releasing an unnecessary 19.2 million tons of C0² into the fragile atmosphere.

Outdoor temperature is an important variable in controlling tyre pressure levels. Inflation pressure has a strong influence on tyre rolling resistance, which is itself a key factor in determining vehicle fuel consumption. Depending on type of road and driving style, rolling resistance represents 18% to 26% of the total force on a vehicle. Since low inflation increases rolling resistance, it has a direct effect on fuel efficiency and emissions. By such a simple measure as paying attention to tyre pressure continuously, one can contribute to one’s carbon output balance and general driving safety.

Gotland Ring and Advantage Driving/ create valuable traffic safety and ecologic added value through its edutainment and other pedagogic approaches.Together with Nordic government authorities and corporate partners Gotland Ring already contributes to society through concrete action. Now we offer corporate clientele and institutions to join the pact to create higher traffic safety and contribute towards sustainable development.

Through a systematic coaching programme, Gotland Ring and Advantage Group/ will help your Company reach significant savings in fuel, technical and social costs. Additionally, productivity through swift and optimised logistical transfers will create bottom line added value.

Ecological Goals and Roadmap

  • Green business incubation activities
  • Traffic safety & ecology event content in edutainment format
  • Electricity produced through 100% wind power (also solar power to be installed)
  • Construction executed with minimum environmental impact thanks to the location and co-operation with Nordkalk
  • Building structures are mostly made of recycled material
  • All safety zones, incl. conveyer belts and tyres are recycled materials
  • No pesticides are used on Gotland Ring and its surroundings
  • Experimental water & sewage and energy system under incubation
  • Testing facility for zero- and low-emission vehicles (100 % wind power propulsion for plug-ins)
  • Creating an interesting new biotope, a habitat for diverse flora and fauna, in synergy with all circuit and resort development by innovating ways to utilise the quarry
  • Creating intelligence for mission-specific vehicles and traffic systems
  • Providing educational support through awareness campaigns for traffic safety eco driving and sustainable development
  • Implementing self-imposed environmental and safety norms and standards that are stricter than the EU requirements for public roads
  • Environmental strategy development in collaboration with the Eco-Municipality of Gotland