Safety and Eco Driving



  • Theory lesson for safe and ecological driving in every day mobility (applicable for all vehicles, including EVs)
  • Practical Safety Driving drills: autoslalom, braking & evasive action, ideal line on track, one-to-one coaching, Skid Tyre driving or other possible Advanced Safety Driving exercises
  • Practical Eco Driving drills: road book driving, ideal line on track, one-to-one coaching, competition for lowest consumption, other possible activities
  • Courses available for full & half day programmes
  • Practical exercises are conducted alternatively with Gotland Ring’s or client’s vehicles
  • Instructors are leading in the field and courses can be organised location-independently anywhere in the world (Advantage Driver Development/Gotland Ring consults leading automotive manufacturers, the Swedish Police, the Swedish state, several multinational companies, among others)
  • Options: eLearning packages, turn-key conferencing & catering services, event co-ordination, logistics, accommodation (lodges/cottages and design/boutique hotels), and merchandising for example Safety & Eco Driving or Gotland Ring T-shirts, sticker for cars, etc.)

Safety Driving

  • Theory lesson – emphasis on traffic safety (advanced driving technique, proactive driving, active & passive safety)
  • Driver development under the instruction of professional pilots and instructors, one-to-one coaching
  • Manoeuvring exercises, braking & steering techniques on the track and test area
  • Auto slalom competition or Advanced Safety Driving exercises
  • Debrief and analysis
  • Catering

Eco Driving

  • Environmentally friendly driving techniques (both for ICE and EVs)
  • Special courses for electric vehicles
  • Fuel efficiency techniques
  • Comprehensive analysis of each participants driving technique and guaranteed improvement and learning curves (save 20-30% in fuel consumption)
  • Take the drive of your life! Advantage Corporate Events are mostly tailor-made according to the client’s demands.