Public driving


Car and Motorcycle

Driving your own vehicle/Kör med eget fordon (under kalendern hittas mer info på svenska) :

Opening hours for public driving are visible in our calendar (usually 10-17); on some days we may offer shorter driving slots; these shorter events will be clearly marked in the calendar. You are most welcome to drive any regular vehicle; you do not need spectacular sports or race cars. The best way to learn the track is to drive a very simple conventional vehicle. Most trackday participants drive ordinary roadgoing registered vehicles.

Remember to book your Public driving through our webshop.

  • 1-day pass: Sek 1 885 / participant (if not paid in advance through the webshop, the price can be higher)
  • 1/2-day pass: Sek 1 200 (from 14.00-17.00)
  • Also, 20 min driving slots available for: Sek 400 / participant per stint


  • Extra driver – Sek 600/ driver
  • Passengers (with participant) – Sek 300 / passenger (no commercial ring taxi/ other driving experience or driver training is permitted without Gotland Ring AB:s separate written approval)
  • Tourist lap (2 laps) with own car – Sek 200 (with an instructor in your car – Sek 300)
  • Test drive with an electric car (BMW i3s), from Sek 300 (2 laps)
  • Ring Taxi, flying laps in a Porsche/Ferrari/McLaren/BMW i3s/M2 Competition/Renault Megane RS/other sports or race car with an instructor – from Sek 1 500 depending on the type of vehicle and amount of laps, more info in webshop
  • Instructor for individual coaching – Sek 2 500/ session (1h) (theory, showing the ideal race line, options include driving technique analysis with drift box/telemetry)
  • Grand Prix Coaching (theory lesson + driving clinic and analysis), private lessons from Alec Arho Havrén (track record holder and circuit architect) – Sek 9 600


Safety equipment rental

  • Helmet – Sek 200/ day
  • Overall – Sek 200 / day

Season card – from Sek 12 500, ask for an offer for group purchases

  • The season card is usable during Public driving and Trackdays between March-November (minimum 80+ days to choose from during the year, most often 100+ days)
  • Season card queries and orders:
  • Season cards are personal and legitimation will be required

General rules and regulations:

  • A helmet must be used by all participants and passengers
  • All participants must read and sign the waiver, a liability release form (on site prior to driving)
  • Non-flammable clothing must be worn (overalls are not compulsory, regular non-flammable clothing are accepted)
  • The vehicle must either be registered for traffic (and comply with EU traffic regulation) or as race vehicle comply with FIA  noise regulations; motorcycles follow SVEMO regulations in Sweden

Regarding refunds for public driving:

  • If a participant cannot participate during a given/planned day, GR allows flex ticket holders the flexibility to drive on another day. Due to plausible hindrance, even other ticket types (such as campaign/group prices) can be transferred to a new alternative date. The correct procedure is to seek approval through email contact to before the planned driving date.
  • All webshop codes are registered as used at arrival to the circuit. Rainy conditions or lost track time due to accidents, incidents or other drivers’ creation of lost time on the circuit are not reasons for a new driving time.
  • Daily driving time varies depending on how many participants are participating and what types of vehicles are present. Some public sessions the track allows for open pit lane; other days, more controlled groups and sessions for different types of vehicles and competence levels will be organised.
  • Public driving days can be rescheduled due to lack of a sufficient number of participants or because of automotive industry test/launches. However, such changes will appear in the calendar with a significant margin.

Turistvarv för besökare/tourist laps for other visitors (non trackday or other customers)

• Turistvarv/tourist laps & parkering, fika (1 pers): Sek 200/fordon (turistvarv arrangeras under allmänhetens körningar mellan de snabba passen).

• Vänligen parkera ditt fordon på parkeringsytan; efter registrering och betalning vid Paddock Club-byggnaden eller kiosken, kan du ta din sightseeingrunda med bil/mc på banan. Även halv- & heldagspass, årskort, förarutbildningar, medåkning i RingTaxi och mycket mer erbjuds som tilläggsval (personalen instruerar och visar upplevelsemenyn).

• Trackday, Driving Experience, RingTaxi, stammisar och grannar parkerar gratis.

• Vänligen läs noggrant instruktionstavlan; personalen besvarar eventuella frågor.

• Please read all safety instructions and regulations;
if you have any questions, please contact the personnel

or call +46 731 828 777.

Follow the safety instructions at all times:

• Upon arrival, always sign in for the compulsory registration with stipulated liability information; do not enter the pit lane

before compulsory registration.

• When walking around the area, stay clearly behind the guard rail and safety barriers.

• Speed limit for the paddock and pit lane area is 20 km/h; entry/exit road speed limit is 40 km/h.

• GotlandRing is a smoking free facility! However, behind the paddock building, one can find a small restricted smoking area. Do not leave any cigarette stumps nor snuff on the ground!

• Access to paddock building and parking is available for customers only.

• Absolutely, no littering! Sek 1 000 minimum fine is applicable immediately upon infringement.

• Exclusive rights for food & beverage and catering apply for all track rentals and guests.

• Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.

If you have any questions, please contact personnel. Enjoy your day at GotlandRing!

Email: Tel: +46 731 828 777