Wind Driven RingTaxi/EV Driving Experience

Join the track record holder, Alec Arho Havrén, for a flying flat-out lap in the all new electric sports car, BMW i3s! Feel the exhilarating instant torque and power of an EV! Combine a ride-along experience with a test drive in an exciting driving environment.
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Swish 123 421 2882

1,450.00 kr4,500.00 kr

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EV Ring Taxi – 100% sustainable energy, wind-driven on GotlandRing

Race Taxi activities will be offered during normal Public driving or Track days. To pre-book a Race Taxi experience, please contact us at

Level 1: 2 laps as passenger + 2 laps test drive (Nordslingan), 1 lap as passenger + 1 lap test drive (Sydslingan). BMW i3s available.
Price: Sek 1 450

Level 2: 3 laps as passenger + 6 laps test drive (Nordslingan), 2 laps as passenger + 3 laps test drive (Sydslingan); a compulsory theory lesson for Safety Driving/Eco Driving/Racing and on-track driver training is included, includes even a 20 min pass for public driving (teorilektion, 3 flygande varv med instruktör med banrekord, 6 varv egen körning, inkluderar även ett 20 min pass med egen bil ). Porsche Taycan available.
Price: Sek 4 500

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Level 1, Level 2