One of the most exciting and demanding circuits in the world

The world’s first sustainable race track is now also the world’s longest modern standard circuit with the Southern Loop expansion. From May 28, one can experience one destination and four track profile experiences.

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Experience the testdrive in sportscars in safe circumstances. Instructors are experienced in coaching at all levels and have the best safety level in their field

The world’s longest and most sustainable race and test circuit

GotlandRing – the world’s first sustainable race and test circuit – has already established itself as an interesting and challenging driving environment. Now, the new Southern Loop, in combination with the Northern Loop, a thrilling 7.3 km configuration, enables a new level of excitement for the race circuit that Road and Track already calls the world’s most unlikely track. 

The Southern Loop design is an exhilarating blend of new and old. It has the flow and speed of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, but the modern safety of a Grand Prix circuit. 

Elevation changes are constant. Every topographic change has been utilised while designing this track in an exotic driving ambiance, a former limestone quarry. Rhythmic fast-flowing aero-corners, blind crests, a slingshot carousel, several high-speed sectors, amazing views, and pure driving pleasure are just some attributes of this splendid track profile. That is so much more than modern circuits today typically have to offer as a driving environment.

On GotlandRing, with its unique combination of the technical Northern Loop and the fast-flowing Southern Loop, one can find true perfection. An appreciation for this unique enabling track design, with its four different long configuration options, can be found among top-level racing drivers, industry professionals, avid track-day enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike. 

Accept the challenge. Visit GotlandRing, the world’s longest modern standard circuit. GR guarantees an unforgettable driving experience. 

‘Life is not just around the corner; it is the corner.’ (quote by Alec Arho Havrén, the circuit architect). 

What people say

An absolutely amazing track, hi and low hp friendly. I've driven here and the people you meet (humble speed lovers) plus the amazing track really set it apart. Extremely challenging racing lines, you really have to understand where the track is fast (elevation changes and grip areas) follow the traditional racing line will not give you the fastest time. I can warmly recommend this track to anyone world wide, period.
Matthew D
Great track in very good condition. People are helpful whenever a question or issue comes up. I encourage everyone curious about track driving to take a few laps with one of the instructors available and then go out with your own car. You will be hooked. Listen to the instructors and drive fast with care and you will have a great time!
Johan M
A really amazing and unique racecircuit. Great curves at several altitude levels on a technical and therefore challenging track. For cars and bikes! And it includes two bonuses: 1) it is beautiful situated on Swedish' Gotland Island. 2) it is run by a warm and devoted team. Thank you Alec and Lina.
Joost R


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GotlandRing is a networking hub with interesting clientele from all walks of life. The life-style customers enjoy the picturesque setting and exceptional overall experience on Gotland.

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