Founders welcome

Founders welcome

Please read the recent article in Road and Track here

A car racer inside his car

Dear Visitors and Guests

Let me first welcome you to our extraordinary environment – the picturesque and sunny island of Gotland. To be able to develop the vision in this ultimate enabling environment is a grand privilege of a lifetime. Our efficient and very professional GotlandRing team has already delivered unforgettable events for global automotive new model launches and driver development services for various clientele. None of this would be possible without our main sponsor Nordkalk and a team of colleagues including management, business partners, volunteers, and last but not least, reliable customers and true friends.

Social and environmental entrepreneurship is what drives and motivates the GotlandRing team and related cluster of partner companies. From the very beginning, GotlandRing has been in the forefront in terms of vision, execution, and focus on excellence; in some cases, especially with its environmental goals, even too early as the market was not mature for that level of commitment. Now, GotlandRing is a case study of success as the first ecological/sustainable race & test circuit in the world, as it was introduced at the World Professional Motorsport Expo at the forum seminar for leading experts, track owners, investors, operators, and architects in Cologne, Germany in November 2009 (where I was invited to lecture about “Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship” under the category “Creating and Operating Socially Responsible Circuits”).

The main business focus for GotlandRing continues to be within international new model launches, corporate high-end and edutainment events, and testing & development. However, the track experiences tremendous popularity among enthusiasts and trackday operators – both motorcycles and cars. On enthusiast forums one can clearly detect that GotlandRing is popular because of its combination of driving pleasure and safety – a kind of modern and safe version of the Nordschleife (but a bit shorter for now:)).

In the future, the circuit tarmac will extend far beyond its current 3.2 km. After the planned expansion phase (tarmac installation planned for 2021), the circuit will measure 7.4 km, then the longest modern circuit in the world.

The Green Business Campus will host an experimental and modular Smart Energy Road and Traffic System (an energy harvesting infrastructure project), developed by World Ecological Forum and its cluster of companies. Already our company is involved in creating the world’s first electric road system with dynamic (inductive) charging for EVs – an electric bus and a heavy truck, running on the SmartRoad Gotland. This is a part of the pre-commercial procurement with Trafikverket (i.e. the Swedish Transport Administration) in which Gotland GPe Circuit, as the applicant, lead the dynamic consortium that won over some heavyweight industrial competitors.

During World Ecological Forum and Almedalen (see, GotlandRing often hosts zero- and low-emission vehicle workshops. In 2009, GotlandRing hosted exhibition racing, in benefit for UNICEF with Grand Prix & WRC World Champion drivers, and other champions. Already in 2009, GotlandRing incorporated electric cars in some of its competitive showcase events and especially in driver training, such as Safety & Eco Driving events.

GotlandRing runs BMW i3s EVs as RingTaxi and test drive event vehicles. For electric propulsion and beyond, GotlandRing provides 100% sustainable energy through wind and solar power solutions.

To learn more about our vision, goals, and long term development plans, including the co-operation between GotlandRing and the Green Business Campus and Eco Resort project, please do not hesitate to contact me. For more info, please read the recent article in Road and Track here.

Experience the beautiful spring and autumn on Gotland – the island and the track provide a variety of experiences depending on which time of year you visit.

If you visit us summer time, you will be able to witness and experience the very best after race activities in the world. We can guarantee a unique mix of activities and ambience, including exquisite gastronomic experiences (both through our own catering partner and the many splendid partner restaurants).

I look forward to seeing you on our dynamic and picturesque island and GotlandRing.

Best regards,

Alec Arho Havrén, MIM/MBA
Founder/Circuit Architect/Chief Instructor

Follow Alec on Twitter: @AlecArhoHavren

Race car drivers in white suits
A race instructor

Alec Arho-Havrén

Alec is a frequent speaker on subject matters, such as the paradigm shift of the vehicle industry, mission specific vehicles, traffic electrification, traffic safety, entrepreneurship, green leadership, and eco innovation. Within motorsport (racing formula, touring, and GT cars), the “Flying Finn-Swede” has experienced many wins and pole positions on various international race circuits, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife which has inspired his circuit profile design for GotlandRing. From Racing technique, Alec has also derived unique edutainment driver training courses, such as Safety & Eco Driving and advanced specialised programmes. Additionally, Alec is a top world ranked senior tennis player (many time European Champion –  in singles, doubles, and mixed) on the ITF Senior Tour.

Parked race cars

Kära Besökare och Gäster

Som ung lovande tennisspelare fick Alec Arho Havrén, efter studentexamen i Finland, ett kombinerat tennis- och akademiskt stipendium för att studera i USA. Efter utbildningar i ekonomi och management vid några av världens ledande universitet, arbetade han en tid inom finansmarknaden i London innan hans ursprungliga miljöintresse kunde ta över även på jobbsidan. Redan i mellanskolan och i gymnasiet var miljöfrågorna nära hjärtat och ursprungligen ville Alec bli marinbiolog.

– Mina föräldrar ”konsulterade” mig dock att gå den ”säkrare vägen” och välja business då jag reste till USA som 18-åring för att börja på universitet.

– Mitt första jobb fick jag i London där jag jobbade i ”city” på finansmarknaden. Efter det jobbade jag inom management consulting runt i Europa. Strax efter det så blev jag entreprenör och har jobbat med diverse intressanta projekt, berättar Alec.

Man posing with a BMW i3 GR
Race car drivers during an interview

Under senaste åren har Alec jobbat med miljöteknik, trafikelektrifiering och sin egen uppfinning med energivägen, mm. Han konsulterar även olika miljörelaterade projekt i Kina. Nätverket World Ecological Forum grundade Alec 2008. Sedan arrangerade han även ett event med miljöexperter från hela världen som samlades strax innan Almedalsveckan i kongresshallen i Visby 2010. Fler WEF events och projekt har följt efter det första i Visby.

– I framtiden hoppas vi se många elbils- och elmotorcykelrace på GotlandRing. Om det blir tävlingar med elbilar, så ställer jag själv upp gladeligen som förare, säger Alec Arho Havrén som annars inte har så mycket tid längre för att själv köra tävlingar.

Men tennis spelar han fortfarande. Femfaldig Europamästare i olika seniorklasser med segrar i singel, dubbel och mixed, flera olika titlar utomhus och inomhus. Mixed-dubbel har han vunnit tillsammans med sin fru Lina Havrén – före detta bulgariska tennisproffset (rankad världsetta i seniorsammanhang i singel, dubbel och mixed) flyttade till Visby 2012.

A yellow racing car and its driver

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