Racing – for skills and thrills

Racing – for skills and thrills

Gotland Ring is the World’s Most Unlikely Track

The excellent race course in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Racing – for skills and thrills

Racing provides entertainment and an important testbed for the automotive industry. From racing, one can derive fundamental driving techniques for both Safety and Eco-Driving. Did you know that most safety features through history come from motorsports?

Racing Experience, Rally Adventure, Grand Prix Coaching, and Racing Academy are some of the edutainment driver development concepts provided by GotlandRing.

FIA-approved racing on Gotland Ring starting 2009

As of today, the tarmac extends over 3.2 km on the northern loop (will be FIA-graded and ready to be raced on by 2009).  The other complete entity – the Southern Loop – has been under pre-construction development and is ready for tarmac installation during 2021.

Gotland Ring functions as a premium event and test venue for the vehicle industry. Also, numerous clubs pay regular visits to the track. Official racing is not the priority for the facility. However, its modern safety standard offers wide opportunities for potential race organisers. Queries are welcomed.