Public driving

Bike racers ready for the race

Car and Motorcycle

Driving your own vehicle/Kör med eget fordon (under kalendern hittas mer info på svenska) :

Opening hours for public driving are visible in our calendar (usually 10-17); on some days we may offer shorter driving slots; these shorter events will be clearly marked in the calendar. You are most welcome to drive any regular vehicle; you do not need spectacular sports or race cars. The best way to learn the track is to drive a very simple conventional vehicle. Most trackday participants drive ordinary roadgoing registered vehicles.

Book your Public driving through our webshop.


Season card

Low season – Sek 15 800, high season – Sek 22 000 

Please, ask for an offer for group purchases via

General rules and regulations

Regarding refunds for public driving

Turistvarv för besökare/tourist laps for other visitors (non trackday or other customers)


Follow the safety instructions at all times

If you have any questions, please contact personnel. Enjoy your day at GotlandRing!

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