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A first-of-its-kind dynamic electric road system will be built in Sweden

In April, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) announced the pre-commercial procurement results for the electric road system tender.

The consortium Smart Road Gotland (Gotland GPe Circuit AB as its applicant) won the final round of the tender with the highest evaluation points, despite the much bigger industrial competitors. 

Electreon AB (a wholly owned subsidiary of Electreon Wireless) will lead the project’s next phase to provide vital knowledge of the future potential of dynamic wireless mobile power transfer through this demonstration road system.

This public-private initiative, based on Electreon’s leading technology, will be the first in the world to charge inductively both an electric truck and a bus while in full motion.

To enable the mission-critical knowledge transfer to the Swedish Transport Administration, the Smart Road Gotland consortium will deploy a fully functional public shuttle service and testbed through a 1.6 km long electric road as part of the total route of 4.1 km between the airport and city center of Visby on the idyllic island of Gotland, an eco-municipality in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

The electric truck will be test-driven by a professional in varied seasonal conditions to ensure that the system is ready for large-scale projects on highways.

As an integral strategic step towards implementing the Swedish government’s national roadmap for electric road systems, the Smart Road Gotland project will create a vital learning curve for the authority. 

Long haul heavy trucks benefit significantly from the Electreon solution since no heavy and costly batteries, nor stops for charging, are needed. This optimal solution enables installation of electric road systems without the environmental impact (benefits are both physical and visual) of a conductive system.

After acquiring relevant ERS demonstration results, the Swedish Transport Administration can evaluate the potential for larger scale electric road investments. 

Initially, Gotland GPe Circuit AB (GotlandRing, world’s first sustainable race and test circuit) – with the support of World Ecological Forum (a global crossover sustainability network, a facilitator and enabler of green business and entrepreneurship) started the project in co-operation with Electreon

— ‘For the whole consortium, it’s wonderful news that we have been selected as the top candidate. It is of utmost importance to significantly reduce CO2-emissions within the transport sector. To commence with the heavier transports is logical since the biggest emission improvements can be gained where the usage and tonnage is the highest. The future positive impact could be global.’, comments Alec Arho-Havrén, CEO/Founder Gotland GPe Circuit/GotlandRing and World Ecological Forum.

— ‘We, the Swedish Transport Administration, believe that electric roads are an important contribution to reducing CO2-emissions from heavy transportation. Demonstrating and evaluating new technical solutions for electric routes is one of the most important steps in our long-term plan for a potential rollout of electrified routes on the heavy road network in Sweden.’, says Jan Pettersson, program manager, Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration)

— ‘We are excited that we have been selected to take part in the Swedish government’s ambitious program to examine and implement electric road technology as a solution to electrify heavy trucks on highways. Electreon’s wireless electric road technology makes it possible to electrify truck fleets economically without the need to carry huge batteries and stop for charging and without creating a visual hazard. The selection of Electreon by the Swedish government after careful filtration testifies to the recognition of the potential of the technology to bring the global electrification revolution to the next critical stage of full implementation.’, Oren Ezer, CEO of Electreon, comments.

— ‘It is exciting and positive that Trafikverket wants to see this unique technology and testbed realised on Gotland. It strengthens the image of Gotland as one of the most innovative and climate-smart regions in the world.’, says the chairwoman of the regional government, Eva Nypelius (C).

The Smart Road Gotland consortium members include:

Smart Road Gotland synopsis

About Electreon

Electreon Wireless is an Israeli publicly traded company developing DWPT (Dynamic wireless power transfer) technology. The technology enables a shared infrastructure that significantly reduced the need to charge vehicles’ batteries during day/overnight and decreases the size of the battery. It can support any type of EV – buses, trucks, and passenger vehicles. It is fully compatible with autonomous and self-driving EVs. Electreon is a global leader in its field because of its deep technological capabilities and focuses on making the technology cost effective, du.

Smart Energy Road and Traffic System (SERTS) synopsis

GotlandRing/Gotland GPe Circuit AB synopsis

Eco Driving

How to minimise fuel consumption and environmental impact, how to contribute towards sustainable development

Sustainable development, traffic safety, and fuel costs are all significant global social and political issues. Through an active corporate policy, your Company can increase its social input and simultaneously reap the benefits by improving its image and creating savings.

A safe, swift and proactive driving style – developed by Gotland Ring head instructors – create major savings in fuel, technical, leasing, and social costs. Our clientele can reap the benefits of our courses with a guaranteed steep learning curve for all levels of drivers.

Traffic electrification is a vital part of the paradigm shift within transportation. Together with the World Ecological Forum, GotlandRing is actively involved in sustainability-related projects – especially within traffic electrification and smart infrastructure.

Gotland Ring and Advantage Driving/ create valuable added value through its edutainment driver training programmes. Together with Nordic government authorities and corporate partners, GotlandRing already contributes to society through concrete action. GR offers its corporate clientele and institutions to join the pact to create higher traffic safety and contribute towards sustainable development.

Through a systematic coaching programme, Gotland Ring and Advantage Group/ will help your Company reach significant savings in fuel, technical and social costs. Additionally, productivity through swift and optimised logistical transfers will create bottom line added value.

Ecological Goals and Roadmap

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