Racing – for skills and thrills

performance driving

Racing provides entertainment and an important test bed (for both safety and other new technology) for the automotive industry. Simultaneously, it creates a vital derivative – fundamental driving techniques for both Safety and Eco Driving. Did you know that most safety features through history come from motorsports?

Racing Experience/Adventure, Business Grand Prix and Racing Academy are some of the edutainment driver development courses provided by Gotland Ring.

FIA-approved racing on Gotland Ring starting 2009

As of today, the tarmac extends over 3.2 km on the northern loop (will be FIA-graded and ready to be raced on by 2009). Steel barriers are already in place on most part of the circuit; the remaining barriers will be installed during the spring of 2008. The other complete entity – the Southern Loop – has been under pre-construction development and is ready for tarmac installation during 2009-2010.

Negotiations with several national and international race series are in progress. Gotland Ring will function as a premium race venue – from club racing to the very highest professional level – for both car and motorcycle racing. Alternative fuel and new technologies will also be in focus in future product developments of new Gotland Ring racing events. After all, competition has always proved to create the steepest learning curve for new technology.