Travel to and from the island


Hitta till Gotland Ring!

Vägbeskrivning från Visby:

  • Kör väg 148 norrut mot Lärbro
  • När du kommer till Lärbro svänger du vänster mot väg 149 (mot Kappelshamn)
  • Kör cirka 4 km och ta sedan höger mot Bläse / Storugns
  • Kör förbi Nordkalks industriområde och ta första höger mot “Gotland Ring”
  • Den kurviga asfaltsvägen leder fram till banan
  • Välkommen!

ELLER pittoreska varianten

  • Vägbeskrivning från Visby:
  • Kör väg 149 (mot flyget) norrut mot Kappelshamn
  • När du kommer till Kappelshamn, fortsätt vidare tills du ser skylt till vänster mot Gotland Ring
  • Kör längs havsvägen – mot Bläse / Storugns – genom Nordkalks hamn och sväng till höger vid Gotland Ring-skylten
  • Den kurviga asfaltsvägen leder fram till banan
  • Välkommen!

Getting to the circuit

Gotland Ring is situated at Kappelshamnsviken, approx. 50 km north of Visby.

  • The fastest route from Visby is road 148 towards Fårösund. When you reach Lärbro turn left towards Kappelshamn. After approx. 5 km turn right at the first sign to Gotland Ring and then follow the signs for the circuit.
  • If you prefer the more scenic route from Visby (about 5 min longer drive), take the road 149 towards Kappelshamn (past the airport from Visby). When you reach Kappelshamn just follow the road approx. 3 km and turn left at the first sign to Gotland Ring and keep following the signs.

GPS coordinates to entrance: N 57¤50.743′ E018¤48.365′

By ferry

Destination Gotland
Modern fast ferries enable large capacity for cars and other logistics between Gotland and the mainland. The three-hour ferry ride is a relaxing experience comparing to driving to other tracks.  During the summer,  one can choose from up to ten daily departures to Visby.

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By air

Gotland is the most popular tourist destination in Sweden. destinations. The biggest island in the Baltic Sea is just half an hour away from the Swedish mainland. One can fly to Visby from multiple cities in Sweden during all seasons – Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm-Bromma, Stockholm-Skavsta, and Ängelholm Airport (southern Sweden) are the major airports serving Visby. Summertime Malmö and others feed the destination as well.

The non-stop flights from Hamburg and Helsinki to Gotland are active during mid-June to mid of August (with three departures per week from respectively Hamburg and Helsinki). This enables direct access to to the Hanseatic city of Visby in approx. 1 h 30 min from Helsinki and Hamburg.

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