Privacy policy

– Book your day for driving with your own vehicle (car/motorcycle) and let us know via

– Cars and motorcycles run separate 20 min passes; if only cars or motorcycles are in place, open pit lane may apply. 

– Pre-registration: send email to or text to +46 731 828 777 no later than 14.00 the day before driving.

– Drop-in possible only if enough prepaid people have signed up to open the track for the specific day.

– If the participants gather a group 10+ (prepaid participants), GotlandRing can open more selected days according to preference.

– RaceTaxi (ride), test drive of electric cars, private lessons, etc. are available and can be ordered via our web-shop and/or via

For visitors who are not active trackday customers or have other previous customer relationships with the track, the following opportunities are offered to visit and see the facility:

-Tourist laps incl. parking: SEK 350/vehicle (two sightseeing laps at a leisurely pace max 80 km/h, run in separate passes between the fast car/motorcycle sessions).

– These tourist laps are offered only during trackdays.

– All visitors should register at the reception where the safety regulations are published and must be read.

– At the reception, one also get information about details and offers for the day. Pit lane access is ONLY for trackday participants.

– All participants need to utilise an environmental mat in the pit lane. These can be rented and/or purchased at the track. 

– Rental: 100 kr per day.

– Purchase: from 200 kr, depending on type and size.


Dear customers/clients/partners,

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that many of you are experiencing significant worries and hardship in one way or another. Proactive efforts and close global co-operation is the only way forward. 

GotlandRing will go ahead with trackdays activities which are typically smaller group sizes. Trackdays are not classed as spectator motorsport events and fall into a category of low risk for transmitting the virus. 

The GotlandRing trackday events will actively follow self-imposed stringent protocol for hygiene and physical social distancing. With an emphasis on small private group sizes and outdoor activities, the risks are very low for contagious disease. To even get to visit the paddock club building, a strict hand sanitising procedure is required just outside the building. We do everything we can to prevent potential contagion. 

Let’s all stay positive and please remember to help all vulnerable people with tasks in a way that contains the spread of the virus to critical risk groups. 

Make sure you are part of the solution, not the problem.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact or

Stay well and safe!

Team GotlandRing Motorsport Club & GotlandRing 🏁🏎🏍☀️