GotlandRing Introduces Supercharging Services with Support from Nimbnet, Kempower, and Virta

VISBY, September 1, 2023 — GotlandRing, in collaboration with Nordic industry leaders, Kempower, Virta, and Nimbnet, today announced that it is launching a unique supercharging station service, reaffirming the race and test circuit’s commitment to a greener future for transportation and motorsports.

The inauguration of the station, developed by Nimbnet, marks a significant milestone not only for GotlandRing but the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. The station, which incorporates two liquid-cooled satellites, is designed to deliver a continuous 500A charging current, ensuring an optimal power level of 400 kW or more. The charging system is also powered by a triple-power unit cabinet, boasting 600 kW of charging power.

Alec Arho-Havrén, Founder and Chief Circuit Architect, GotlandRing, said: 

“GotlandRing is thrilled to introduce Nimbnet’s supercharging services, complementing our existing grid of 16 dependable 22 kW charging stations. Our commitment to providing EV infrastructure remains strong and this underscores our readiness to meet the rising demand for EV-related events and testing.”

To support user convenience, Nimbnet’s charging station integrates with Virta’s cloud-based charging station management platform, enhancing the overall EV charging experience.

What sets this venture apart is the station’s connectivity to Virta’s extensive roaming network, featuring an extensive array of 400,000 charging points. This vast network will enable over 500,000 drivers to effortlessly charge their electric vehicles using their preferred payment methods. 

With its continuous charging current capacity of up to 500A, it also accommodates the rapid charging of large batteries, particularly on heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. This feature is a game-changer for the transportation sector, facilitating the faster charging of vehicles with expanded battery capacities.

The station additionally offers a spring-assisted cable handling system and simplified infotainment on the touch screen, streamlining the charging process and providing a more user-friendly experience.

Kempower, another key player in this collaboration, contributes with its Power Unit C500, the linchpin of its flexible, modular, and scalable DC charging system. This dynamic power management system ensures that the available charging power is automatically distributed to all connected charging outputs based on the requests of the electric vehicles, optimizing charging efficiency. In addition, the station boasts an adaptive voltage solution that adjusts the delivered voltage to match the requirements of each electric vehicle, allowing fast charging of EV batteries up to 1000V.

The station also supports the Combined Charging System (CCS2), a standard plug-and-socket type commonly used to connect electric or plug-in hybrid cars to a DC rapid charger. In Europe, most new pure-electric cars feature a CCS 2 socket, ensuring compatibility with this station.

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Jenny Harler

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GotlandRing, built in 2003, is the world’s most sustainable race circuit as well as the longest circuit of modern standard. The 4.53 mile (7.29 km) island-based race and test circuit is located within the Eco-Region of Gotland, which is the most popular tourist destination in Sweden. As of August 2023, the complex also offers EV supercharging with 100 percent renewable energy. GotlandRing and its strategic partner World Ecological Forum are also the initiators behind the SmartRoad Gotland project, the world’s first electric road system with dynamic charging on a public road. The project was realized in cooperation with Electreon and the Swedish Transport Administration between 2019 and 2023. For more information, go to

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